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Recipe ReDux Banana Pancakes

I don’t know about you, but literally every time I make pancakes, I start singing (either out loud or in my head…but usually out loud) Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancakes. It just makes me feel all cozy and delicious. So when I found out that this month’s Recipe ReDux theme was to “Grab a Book and Cook,” I grabbed a few books to look up recipes. It turns out that one page 201 of Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian there it was – a pancake recipe. I just knew I had to make banana pancakes.

This recipe replaces Mark Bittman’s eggs with, you guessed it, bananas. The result is a mildly sweet, very fluffy pancake that is the perfect vehicle for your favorite pancake toppings. You can dress this recipe up or down. Feel free to sub in whole wheat flour to make it heartier, or you can add chocolate chips to bring out all the dessert-y goodness of pancakes. However you slice it, these make the perfect breakfast for your rainy weekend mornings.


Side note, this cookbook is a massive one that is chock full of vegetarian recipes and includes multiple variations of many of them. My sister gave this to me as a present a number of years ago and it has been a staple in my kitchen ever since. It’s amazing how great of a resource it is. I would definitely recommend it!

What cookbooks are you into right now?


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Recipe ReDux: Falafel Bowl

This month’s Recipe ReDux is all about plant powered protein bowls, aka what I live on during the week. But, there’s a trick to this kind of bowl, and that trick is called prep.

I love to spend one afternoon or evening prepping lots of pieces of things so that I can put together hearty, healthy meals throughout the week. So what does prep work involve? I usually make about a cup’s worth of a grain (like quinoa, barley, farro, rice, or sometimes pasta), cook or roast beans, tofu, or tempeh, and roast some veggies (literally whichever ones I think look good that week). Then, throughout the week I combine all those things in whatever way I feel like, sometimes throwing in some lettuce and fresh veggies to create a salad, sometimes I throw them together with some greens and sauce for a quick stir fry, and sometimes I just munch on whatever I’ve prepped straight from their containers in the fridge.

For this particular bowl, I prepped by making falafel-spiced roasted chickpeas, roasting beats, cooking up some parsley quinoa, and mixing together the tahini dressing beforehand. The rest of the ingredients get chopped up and added before eating. Between the tahini and the roasted chickpeas, this bowl has a distinctly falafel-y flavor, and you can totally add whatever other falafel ingredients you love to the bowl. Cabbage salad and fried eggplant, my personal favorites, would be excellent options. Or, you can add some green leaf lettuce and make a massive salad for a crowd. Either way, between the chickpeas and the quinoa, this is a protein packed bowl with tons of delicious flavor.

How do you prep for your week?

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It may be September, but the weather hasn’t quite changed just yet (though I’m totally digging these cooler nights). I, much like summer itself, am having one last hurrah before retiring those delicious summer flavors. One of my favorite ways to celebrate the beautiful, flavorful summer produce available, especially in August/early September, is to throw everything in a blender and call it gazpacho.

Ok, I know that traditional gazpacho has bread in it. But I’ve never made it that way. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love bread, but why would I use bread to diminish the flavors of all those amazing summer veggies? That and my family originally started making gazpacho with the mindset of “this is basically just a vegetable smoothie.”

I prefer a red, tomato-based gazpacho packed with cucumbers, peppers, and sharp hints of fresh onion and garlic. Add a little tomato paste to deepen the flavor, a touch of lemon or vinegar to add some bite, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, just a hint of spice. Throw it all together and you have a refreshing starter to any meal.

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Asparagus Soup


Welcome to the new site! Do you like it? Not going to lie, it took me waaaaaaay too long to put it together. It’s all a bit of an experiment, so please let me know if you find any quirks. I’m sure there are many.

In addition to a new site, I’m also in a new kitchen and have a new place to shoot photos. I (finally) moved back into Philly and have a beautiful kitchen at my disposal now (including a Viking range!!!!). Between the moving and the unpacking, life has been a little crazy. Throw in getting the floors redone and the insane amount of dust that creates, and you can see why it’s been a little while since I’ve posted. But now I’m back, baby, and possibly even better than ever.


Spring has definitely sprung this week, and to celebrate, I made a springy recipe! My roommate (and BFF, and the best Philly realtor, in case you need one) inspired me to look into asparagus soup recipes, which I honestly never knew existed. I took a little bit of this and a little bit of that from different recipes and ended up with something that is bright, creamy, and a beautiful spring green color. It definitely tastes like spring in a bowl.

This soup is great either hot or cold, as a snack or an appetizer, and as with all soups, I highly recommend a nice, crusty piece of bread with it. What spring recipes are you cooking?


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Pizza Bagel

I know, I know, everyone knows how to make a pizza bagel.  All you need is a bagel, sauce, cheese, a microwave, and boom, you have something delicious to eat.  But humor me for a minute while I explain.

In the Philadelphia suburbs, there is a little place called Delancy Street Bagels.  It sells bagels (obviously), and they’re good bagels, but that’s not what makes it so special.  It’s what they do with their bagels.

This place has amazing sandwiches that pile high tons of yummy things, is way to much to eat, and even comes with a pickle.  It’s perfect.  But the best, the absolute best thing on their menu is easily, hands down, the pizza bagel.  It’s so good, that I’ve heard New Yorkers, who take pride in both their pizza and their bagels, sing its praises.

So what makes this pizza bagel so special?  Why does it draw me to this place time after time?  It’s all in the cheese.  They use string cheese.  And I don’t mean those processed tubes a cheese that always seem to taste better when you do actually peel them into strings.  I mean real string cheese.

Luckily, you can find this stuff in the store.  I always see this particular brand of Armenian string cheese at my local Safeway.  If you enjoy pizza bagels, you have to try this stuff.  I’m telling you, it will change the way you look at the ordinary pizza bagel.

Now, I have two other things that I particularly like.  The first is, I like using tomato paste instead of sauce.  I like that it has all the same flavors, but more concentrated and less soggy.  I also sprinkle some za’atar on top of my pizza bagels.  It’s a Middle Eastern spice blend that I more or less got addicted to after spending a semester in Israel in high school.  When you order pizza in Israel, they give you these packets of za’atar to sprinkle on top and it really just takes pizza to a whole new level.  If you don’t have it, or you don’t want to invest in a large amount of it (because it only seems to come in obscenely large quantities), you can always sprinkle on some oregano instead and go the more traditional route.  Sadly, I made this particular pizza bagel at my parents’ house, where there was no za’atar.  Sigh.

Anyway, I know you know how to make a pizza bagel.  I know you don’t need me to give you a recipe because you totally already have your own.  But I’m going to share this one anyway.  And seriously, give this cheese a chance.  It really will change the way you look at an ordinary pizza bagel.

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