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Recipe ReDux: Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos with Avocado Crema Sauce

This month’s Recipe ReDux just happens to fall on Tuesday so….Happy Taco Tuesday everyone!

This is actually a taco idea that I’ve been wanting to try for a while. Mostly because I really enjoyed the buffalo cauliflower tacos that I had a little while ago at Bar BomBon. But in general, I’ve been wanting to play around with spicy cauliflower and cooling avocado, and putting it together in a healthy twist on a taco seemed like the perfect idea!

These tacos are colorful, spicy, crunchy, just a little sweet, and entirely delicious. Invite some friends over, mix up a batch of margaritas, and have yourself a taco party.

How are you celebrating Taco Tuesday?

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Recipe ReDux: Falafel Bowl

This month’s Recipe ReDux is all about plant powered protein bowls, aka what I live on during the week. But, there’s a trick to this kind of bowl, and that trick is called prep.

I love to spend one afternoon or evening prepping lots of pieces of things so that I can put together hearty, healthy meals throughout the week. So what does prep work involve? I usually make about a cup’s worth of a grain (like quinoa, barley, farro, rice, or sometimes pasta), cook or roast beans, tofu, or tempeh, and roast some veggies (literally whichever ones I think look good that week). Then, throughout the week I combine all those things in whatever way I feel like, sometimes throwing in some lettuce and fresh veggies to create a salad, sometimes I throw them together with some greens and sauce for a quick stir fry, and sometimes I just munch on whatever I’ve prepped straight from their containers in the fridge.

For this particular bowl, I prepped by making falafel-spiced roasted chickpeas, roasting beats, cooking up some parsley quinoa, and mixing together the tahini dressing beforehand. The rest of the ingredients get chopped up and added before eating. Between the tahini and the roasted chickpeas, this bowl has a distinctly falafel-y flavor, and you can totally add whatever other falafel ingredients you love to the bowl. Cabbage salad and fried eggplant, my personal favorites, would be excellent options. Or, you can add some green leaf lettuce and make a massive salad for a crowd. Either way, between the chickpeas and the quinoa, this is a protein packed bowl with tons of delicious flavor.

How do you prep for your week?

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Basil Ricotta Stuffed Shells

Happy September! Are you looking for something delicious to make? Still holding onto summer as the school year starts? Well, look no further because this recipe is my new obsession.

This summer I shared my homemade marinara sauce to celebrate the bounty of summer tomatoes. After that I showed you my favorite cashew basil ricotta “cheese” that I put on almost everything. Now we put them together! I took the ricotta and stuffed it into some jumbo pasta shells, topped it with sauce, and baked it until it was perfect.

This is a recipe that tastes just as delicious straight out of the oven as it does three days later, cold from the fridge. Make it for a large meal or for dinner for the week because these leftovers will last.

What are you eating this week?

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Recipe ReDux: Mushroom Lentil Burgers


This month’s Recipe ReDux theme is all about freezer meals, which is fitting because I was just talking to my friend the other day about freezing foods and how many foods are freezable. Personally, I use my freezer whenever I can get away with it…which usually results in an over stuffed freezer full of random things. Oops.


You see, I love to make extras of most things and freeze the leftovers to have on hand. This works wonderfully for soups, stews, smoothies (they keep better in the freezer than in the fridge), cookies, and cakes. I love pre-portioning things out into single servings so that if I need dinner or if I need to pack a lunch for the next day, I already have food ready to go, all it needs is a little defrosting time (if it’s going with me for lunch) or a quick zap in the microwave to have a hot meal in minutes. This works especially well for me when I know a busy period of time is coming up soon and I can stock up in preparation.


Now I’m experimenting with slightly more intentional freezing. I’ve also been experimenting with veggie burger recipes. What I’ve discovered is that making a double batch of veggie burgers is just as time intensive as a single batch, so why not make extra, then freeze the leftovers for quick sandwich meals in my future?


This burger recipe treats mushrooms a little like ground meat. Throw it together with some lentils (for protein) and oats (for binding power) and a some delicious flavorings, then shape and bake. These burgers feel hearty when you bite into them, but are full of vegetable goodness, and even hold their shape pretty when when eating them.


What do you use your freezer for?


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Mushroom Lentil Ragout with Grilled Polenta and Sweet Pea Pesto


















I’m on vacation this week. I have been vacation-less since September, and any small break I’ve gotten has been for Jewish holidays, which I promise are hardly vacation. The problem is that last week was Passover, and basically everyone I know took vacation last week, leaving me out in the cold. So I’m spending my week seeing all the doctors I might possibly need to see and being outside as much as humanly possible. Oh, and I’m taking full advantage of my parents’ kitchen and cooking up a storm.

But even though this vacation seems very un-vacation-y, I can still treat myself. I figured now would be the perfect time to feature a fancy, resort-like recipe. In collaboration with Wynn Las Vegas resorts, I did exactly that. You see, Wynn Las Vegas recently launched their own recipes for vegan food options in their various restaurants. I love that vegan diets are being accommodated everywhere these days, and vegans (and vegetarians) aren’t constrained to the side dishes and salads. I decided to make my own spin on the Mushroom-Polenta Cake with lentil ragout and sweet pea sauce from Switch Steak. I plated it up all fancy and I pretended that I was treating myself to dinner at a resort (instead of, you know, dinner in the backyard with my dad).

Now, I have to admit, this recipe is freaking awesome. I mean, I’m not usually one to toot my own horn. I like my food, I think it’s pretty tasty, and I would certainly never share a recipe that didn’t work. But this recipe…Oh my. It’s on the same level of my Creamy Tomato Pasta. I just can’t get enough of it! It is, without a doubt, Vegas-worthy.

The mushroom and lentil ragout is hearty and filling, with just a hint of spice. The grilled polenta rounds have a subtle smoke to them. The sweet pea and mint pesto just lightens everything up and perfectly fit the beautiful spring weather yesterday. Get a little bit of everything in one bite and you will be in heaven – vacation resort heaven.
This is my Vegas recipe. What’s yours?

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