Avocado Toast 3 ways

 Guys, I think I have a problem. My avocado obsession has taken a whole new turn. Living in NYC, I’ve gotten really spoiled by the fruit and vegetable vendors on the streets. I mean, where else can you get 4 pomegranates for $5? Or 3 avocados for $4? These being two of my all time favorite foods, I’ve been buying them a lot lately, since I cannot resist that kind of deal.
As a result, I’ve been eating avocado toast pretty much every day. Now I know I’ve posted a recipe for avocado toast before, but this time I want to break it down for you. We’re going to start simple, then get fancy, then pack a powerful punch. These toasts are great for snacks, easy meals, or if you’re just feeling fancy.

My classic avocado toast is simple and delicious. Smash avocado on bread, squeeze lemon juice, sprinkle salt, and dig in! But since I’ve also been noshing on pomegranates lately (see above), I decided to incorporate those into my toasts. Add a little feta for a salty bite and the result is something that feels luxurious but takes almost no time to assemble. Finally, for days when I need a heartier meal, I like smashing my avocado with chickpeas to add some protein. Usually I leave it alone, but sometimes I’ll go all out and add toppings to make it a full blown sandwich.



Whatever way you dress up avocado toast, you really can’t go wrong. How do you like your avocado toast?

Avocado Toast, Three Ways
Each recipe is good for 2 pieces of regular-sized bread, or one large piece of bread, like the pumpernickel bread I use here. Either way, each version makes enough to share if you’re feeling generous, or to have all to yourself.

The Base:

1 avocado
Juice from 1/2 lemon

This is how all your avocado toasts begin. Smash the avocado in a bowl with the lemon juice. Divide the smashed avocado into three. Spread two of these portions on their respective pieces of toast, leave the third portion in the bowl.

The Classic:

1/3 Avocado/lemon smash
Sea salt

The only thing this toast needs is a nice sprinkling of sea salt to round it out, keeping it simple and irresistible.

The Fancy:

1/3 Avocado/lemon smash
2 tablespoons feta cheese
2 tablespoons pomegranate seeds
Layer the feta cheese on top of the avocado smash, then add the pomegranate seeds. You can add more or less of each one, depending on your taste preference. Whatever you do, this toast feels like a million bucks!

The Power-Packed:
1/3 Avocado/lemon smash
1/3 cup chickpeas
Sea salt
Additional topping options: spinach leaves, tomato slices, sprouts, anything savory that you’d want on a sandwich (pictured here with some leftover roasted tomatoes)

Add the chickpeas to the bowl and smash them into the avocado mixture with a fork. Layer it onto your toast with any additional toppings you desire, and finish it off with a sprinkle of sea salt.


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  1. looks so yummmmy *___* can't wait to try "the fancy" !!!!!! i'd never think of eating pomegranate and avocado together

  2. These toasts look so delicious! I can't wait to try this with the pomegranate 🙂
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  3. Yum these look amazing! I just love avocado toasts. When avocados go on sale in my supermarket for $1 I stock up!

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